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I forgot how good it feels to write, how it can help you let things go, an emotional catharsis, quality isn't necessarily important, its just a medium to express yourself, shred the shackles of silence, I know me, I keep things locked up, hidden away tightly packed inside. I can feel it sometimes, trying to break free break out, yet I still surpress it, until i can't keep it in any longer, and it all just flows out and it feels so damn good.

The pain may come,
The pain may go,
some scars are invisible,
Some scars show.

My heart is full of desire
but my brain says no,
I want to sing with the sparrow
I want to fly with the crow

I'm like a flower yet to bloom
The ugly bud covered and unseen
Yet with love and attention
I become a regal queen

I want you to come over
I want you to notice me
I want you to search
Find out who I can be

There's a me who's funny
Who gets verbal diarrohoea
A me who loves a good time
I just want you to find her

I love to sing full volume
I love to dance the night away
I love to laugh until i cry
but that me is hiding away

I am my own prisoner
locked away inside myself
You're the one holding the key
But will you ever find me