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Fic: The best thing about Pre-season

Title:  The best thing about Pre-Season
Pairing: John terry/ Frank Lampard


Disclaimer: All lieeess
Word Count: 1,618
Summary: John loves pre-season for one reason, and one reason only
A/n: Simply, because the league's only just finished and I already can't wait until th lads are back for pre-seaon! Bit rushed so sorry for any mistakes!

"Lamps? Why here?!"Collapse )


Fic list

More procrastination!! I’ve decided to make a fic list, for my own purpose more than anything else really, =D

Did NOT realise there were so many of them, but ah well! They’re in chronological order, I’ll probs make it more attractive/add descriptions at some point, but I’ve finally realised that these essays aren’t going to write themselves. There's also a few I've re-discovered that I never finished, I'll add them to my stacks of half written fics that'll probably never see the light of day :P

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Fic: You're better than this

Title: You're better than this
Pairing: John Terry/Frank Lampard
Word count: 444
Disclaimer: All liesss
Summary: John's finding it hard to overcome another onslaught from the media
A/n: Originally part of a much longer fic I'm working on at the moment, but then I decided this litle bit didn't quite fit the mood, so I put it on it's own.
enjoy :D, comments are much appreciated =D

"I'm not a bad person Lamps, am I?"Collapse )

Who Wears it better?

Looking through old photos, having a file cleanup, etc etc, (anything to avoid work :P) When what do I stumble upon, but this photo


and I thought...hang on a minute, that shirt looks familiar....

Now where have I seen that before...?Collapse )

Free goodies for all!

LOL, so I only just realised today that my journal style was still set to a snowman design, and yes whilst a couple of years ago we did have snow here in London in April, somehow given the recent weather, I think it was a liiiittle out of date :P

Anyway, its quite obviously time i start feeling bad about not starting revision, because I come on here to procrastinate =D

Sooooooo I dunno if anyone has posted these already or whatever but....
JT pics!!!



More yumminess!Collapse )aaaaand

cute Lamspy article,
yeah its kinda old but it's his dad talking about how proud he is etc, etc, and its got famly photos (though most have been seen before, in his autobiog etc) but its still really cute and worth sharing =D

Frank Lampard


follow meeeee

and finally JT talking about Lampsy, in the loved up puppy way only he can :P

John Terry Exclusive: As a player, and a man, Frank is an inspiration


My return from the abyss!!

I come bearing fic! Methink for the first time this year :O gosh it's been too long!!



Title: 5 Times Joe realised Frank had complete control over John

Pairing: John Terry/ Frank Lampard (hint Joe Cole/Petr Cech)

Word count: 2,390
Disclaimer: All liessssssss
Summary: 5 little snapshots.

a/n: Okay, well I started writing this agessssssssss ago, and only just rediscovered it, dusted it off, gave it a spring clean, etc, the fact that its all about Joey still being a Chelsea gives a small hint to how long ago I wrote this!
Comments are muchly appreciated =D

he'd been around Frank and John long enough to know that Frank always got his way, always!Collapse )



England v Ghana

Eurgh why do I always go to the rubbish games?
Going to England v Ghana next week, and whilst just going to wembley is amazing enough (love the atmosphere, everything) JT and Lamspy have been released from the squad :(. now I know I know, you go to see the team not just a couple of players, but you know, they add that little extra icing on the cake :(
Ahhh well I cant be worse than the last game i went to.......

Season's greetings y'all!!

The final piece of the advent calendar is almost finished, but I have to go to midnight mass so you'll get it as a christmas present, whether it be at 2 in the morning, or when I wake up!

But I just want to take this opportunity to say HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!! To those who celebrate it, and to those who don't, all the best wishes for this special time of year. I hope you all have a peaceful and relaxful one, and can be with those who are the most important to you

love you all
If I'm honest I don't think I'll be able to catch up on time, silly things like rl, keep getting in the way, so if I catch up then thats a bonus, but for now I'm gonna count these two as yesterday and today, hence the missing numbers soz everyone!


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What's behind door number 22?Collapse )


more advent calendar!



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